Access Government Rebates

Reduce Your Energy Bills With FREE OF CHARGE Products For Your Home

There are several activities available to all households of Victoria currently to help you save money on your energy bills.

Take advantage of these activities listed below, all of them are FREE OF CHARGE to you.

  • Replace old incandescent 60 watt 75 watt globes with Energy Efficient CFL 15w globes ( Save upto 80% )
  • Replace your current showerhead with a water saving showerhead to reduce wasted water and hot water heating costs.
  • Install Chimney Balloons inside your current unsealed / open chimney to stop draughts from entering / exiting your house. Also helps keep nasty little pests outside.
  • Save Standby Power usage by installing SPC’s ( max 4 ) to eliminate power on AV appliances when not operating them through being asleep or at work.

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Tradespersons / Businesses looking to access Government rebates for your own jobs ?

Want to install LED or other efficient lighting into your customers premises but cannot access Government rebates???
Join forces with LEEA ENERGY and let us make these available to your customer.
We will take a small percentage ( brokerage fee ) of the rebate on offer to process administration costs etc leaving you with a healthy enticement to pass onto your customer.

Activities included are :-

    • Commercial lighting ( install , retrofit )
    • Residential , Business LED downlights
    • HE Gas Ducted Heater changeovers
    • Gas Heating Ductwork renewal (r1.5)
    • Disconnection of slab heating , central resistance
    • heaters and installing HE Gas Ducted Heaters

And more…

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LED Light Retrofits

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